Student Association Elections

It is time to cast your votes in the current election for roles in the Student Association. Votes can be cast either online or using a paper ballot. Election rules are shown below.


  • Students should log into their HCC email account to vote. 
  • Votes from personal email addresses will not be counted.
  • They should select one candidate in each category.
  • They cannot change their vote once they've submitted their ballot, so they should vote carefully.
  • If they vote using the online form, they should not vote using the paper ballot. Likewise if they have already voted using the paper ballot, they do, and should not use the online ballot.
  • Only one vote per student.

Black History Month Events

This October, Black History Month at HCC brings another year of inspiring and engaging events each hoping to entertain, teach and involve you in creating another chapter in Black History

During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also who contribute to and help our society today.

I've integrated BHM into HCC and hope you will embed this important celebration into your teaching.

We hope both you and your students will join us in celebrating BHM, show your support by making or putting up a poster, get involved by performing at a dance fusion event or even simply attend an event like one of the great debates. Learn whist you attend.

Poster competition and Exhibition.

Hackney Film Premier Screening with Director and Cast

Fantastic Dance Fusion HCC Performing Arts Students Performance

Debating Workshops

Classroom resources for you and your students

Great and exciting opportunities on offer, some pioneering activities first, of their kind at HCC.
Hope to see you all there.

Book early on Eventbrite, 
Contact me:



The merger of Hackney Community College and Tower Hamlets College has been formally approved by the Boards of both colleges. The two colleges will retain their current names, campuses in each borough, and branding (so our college will still be called Hackney Community College!). The new, merged organisation will be officially formed on 1st August 2016. 


There is a firm commitment to maintain a substantial curriculum and student support facilities in each borough into the future, and also to actively seek opportunities to develop specialisms at higher levels. 

No courses will close or change location part-way through. You can find more detail about the merger here


If you have any questions about the merger, please email

Shakespeare in 400 seconds film competition

Congratulations to all entrants - 3 entries judged First Equal

In our recent Shakespeare in 400 Seconds competition 3 entries were received and the judges, Adam Simon and Michael Marshall Smith said "We admired the narrative rigor and bold graphic presentation of Mariam Haji’s HAMLET. We were struck by the emotional punch of JULIET AND ROMEO, its filmic qualities, and its effective use of music. And we also loved the way in which ROMEO AND JULIET captured both the core beats of the story and also the *fun* of Shakespeare, for both performers and audience — an aspect that is so often forgotten. Each production successfully demonstrates why these works have been enjoyed by so many people for so long, and why they bear constant re-interpretation and reinvention.


 This makes it genuinely hard to choose an outright winner, however, and as a result, after much discussion, we would like to award 1st Equal to these three pieces — and offer our congratulations to everyone involved.”

The films will now be shown as part of the Shakespeare in Shoreditch festival both at the festival hub and at special film screenings as follows:

Sat 23rd April, 7PM Romeo and Juliet by Towards Independence prior to Shakespeare in Love

Thurs 28th April, 7PM Hamlet by Mariam Haji prior to Romeo and Juliet

Sat 30th April, 7PM Juliet and Romeo by Vocational Explorer Prior to Macbeth

More information and bookings can be found here

Student Appeal against Academic/Assessment Decisions

As a student you have the right to appeal a grade given to you by teacher.  Grades will be awarded based on Assessment Criteria.

 If you are not satisfied with the grade first speak to your tutor. If this needs to be taken further complete this form and give to the manager in your department.

Your course handbook will also explain the process. 

Student Bursary Update


From December 2015 your Bursary remittance (confirmation that your payment has been processed) will no longer be sent to you via Royal Mail. 

You should receive your remittance via your Hackney College email address.The remittance will confirm the amount you are due to receive and also the expected payment date.

 If you have any queries regarding your Bursary, you may speak to either Kris James or Fayzur Rahman during the bursary 'surgery times' at the Customer Service desk in Block G

Mon  14.00-16.00

Tues 10.00-12.00

Wed  14.00-16.00

Thur  14.00-16.00

(Term Time Only)

New Athens logins created

The login for each learner who wants to use eBooks and other resources has been sent to their college email address. If they have any queries, then please ask their RBL facilitator, a member of library staff, or contact me directly on 7288,

This login gives all college learners access to academic journals and news; eBooks; paid for resources such as ‘Issues Online’.


The logins should be the college network username and password but with ‘cch’  at the beginning. For example, if a college login is sstudent2 / Pass94 then the Athens login is cchsstudent2 / cchPass94

LRC Survey

It has been a busy year in the LRC with a lot of changes! We would like to know what you think of our service. Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey. Click on the link HERE to complete. Many Thanks

OFSTED Learner Views Survey

Please take some time to register and take the OFSTED Learner Views Survey by clicking on the link HERE

RBL Survey

If you have RBL on your timetable, please take a few minutes to give us some feedback so that we can make it better for you. Please click on the link HERE 


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